Désirée Saarela & Triskel

Désirée Saarela & Triskel’s (2011- ) music is strongly rooted in the singer-songwriter world, but also offers a new and original way of expressing the folk music of today. Their music is timeless and the atmosphere is filled with a lot of heart, joy and the power of storytelling. The lyrics and music are in Désirée’s own handwriting, and she sings the songs in her mother tongue, Swedish.

Brandliljor och Eldsjälar (Album 2021)

Their new album Brandliljor och Eldsjälar was released 16th of April 2021, containing songs based on true stories told by different Finland-Swedish women. The listener is taken to times such as the beginning of the 20th century, Finland’s civil war and the second world, and is given a glimpse of what it was to live back then, all from a woman’s point of view and from the minority perspective of the Finland-Swedes.

Follow Désirée Saarela & Triskel’s musical journey through history as it is reflected in the present moment through an interesting mix of storytelling and different landscapes of sound from the Finland-Swedish and Finnish soundworld.

Mellan Världar (Album 2016)

The trio released their latest album Mellan Världar in May 2016, which is an book-cd containing 14 songs written by Désirée Saarela. All songs have an unique artwork made by the swedish songpainter Malin Skinnar.

Morgon över Helsingfors (Single 2014)

Désirée Saarela & Triskel released the single Morgon över Helsingfors (also contains the song You Can Never Be Poor) in May 2014.

Tidsemigranten (Album 2013)

Désirée Saarela & Triskel released their first album, Tidsemigranten, in July 2013. Tidsemigranten is an album full of both storytelling and meditativ songs and melodies. The lyrics and music are in Désirée’s own handwriting and on this album she sings the songs in her mother tounge, swedish.