Désirée Saarela & Luca Bordonaro – Allt finns här – Album release concert – Ritz, Vaasa

Désirée Saarela & Luca Bordonaro - Allt finns här

Désirée Saarela & Luca Bordonaro – Allt finns här – Album release concert – Ritz, Vaasa

Songs without a filter – Allt finns här (All is here)

A collaboration across country borders where two very different cultures and persons meet and find something they share that becomes new music. The Nordic and Finland-Swedish elements blend in with the southern European elements to form a new and exciting mix and musical whole. From the volcanic island of Sicily with its scents of jasmine, lemon and almond to the land of many forests and lakes that Finland represents. Singer-songwriter Désirée Saarela’s new album Allt finns här is her eighth album and a collaboration with the versatile musician and bass clarinettist Luca Bordonaro from Sicily. Texts that jump directly into the deep end and bring out many different themes and aspects that have the will and the courage to move the listener. New music without filters from a Finland-Swedish singer-songwriter.
Désirée Saarela’s and Luca Bordonaro’s paths crossed at the WOMEX World Music Expo in Porto in 2021. After many rewarding discussions about music and creativity the thought of collaborating came up. A wonderful meeting and a unique album and concert – the outcome of two complete strangers meeting and visiting each other. That was how it all started.

Désirée Saarela – vocals, guitar, mandola and cavaquinho
Luca Bordonaro – bass clarinet

Tickets: 15€/10€

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